Bump Stops

ADS Racing Shocks hydraulic bump stops are your suspensions last line of defense, properly limiting suspension movement can save your chassis as well your own body from harsh hits or G-outs. ADS hydraulic bump stops are deigned to cushion the last few inches of suspension travel adding a secondary stopping point for axle and tire movement. Utilizing the same piston technology as our coil overs allows the user to tailor the stopping force the bump stop provides, nitrogen charge is also adjustable from 65-200PSI allowing the user to dial in the touch off and pressure gain of the bump stop. Extreme duty bumper tips are machined from polycarbonate bar stock (Bullet Proof Glass) and resist wear for many strikes. Available in many strokes and two different diameters ADS is sure to have the correct option for your application. Examples of machinery in use daily are the DMG MORI NLX 2500, NHX 4000, and Doosan S400 CNC lathes, for milling and machining the raw materials into shock bodies, shafts, brackets, and more. Another high-tech machine is the Turnkey Technologies SLE14A laser cutter. Miller Dynasty 400 tig welders are used to weld the bypass tubes to the shock body, as well as other tasks throughout the shock-building process.
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