ADS Technical Information

I want to order a set of ADS shocks. What information will I need to provide when ordering?

While this depends upon what type of shocks you will be ordering, generally speaking the more information you are able to provide the more accurately we will be able to configure the shocks to perform in your application. The guidelines below represent the majority of information needed to build a set of shocks that will work reasonably well right out of the box. Shocks can be built with less information but adjustments will likely be required in order to achieve the full potential of the shocks.

If you are ordering OEM upgrade shocks please be prepared to provide:

  • The year, make, and model of your vehicle
  • Any modifications made to the vehicle that affect the total weight or ride height
  • Type of terrain most often encountered
  • Speed at which vehicle will be operated

For non-OEM style shocks please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • The weight of the vehicle
  • Weight distribution front to rear
  • The desired ride height, in inches, using the lowest point on the chassis to a flat level surface
  • Compressed and extended length of shock by cycling suspension from fully compressed to fully extended
  • Engine placement
  • Tire size
  • Track width
  • Type of terrain most often encountered
  • Speed at which the vehicle will be operated
  • Bypass tube configuration and placement (this applies to bypass shocks only)
What are the different styles of shocks and what are their advantages??
  • Coilover shocks are essentially smooth shocks with a coil spring around the outside of the shock to support the weight of the vehicle. Unlike a separate spring and shock configuration a coilover shock allows for adjustment of ride height and dampening via spring preload adjustments. Coilover shocks are a very popular upgrade for vehicles with a separate spring and shock combination.
  • Bypass shocks offer the ultimate in adjustable dampening. Bypass tubes are installed at various points on the shock body and allow fluid to bypass the shock piston. Users can adjust the bypass tubes so that all the fluid can bypass the piston resulting in a very soft ride or they can close the bypass tube resulting in a very firm ride. Having multiple tubes allows users to set the shock up to progressively move from soft to firm. Bypass shocks are not designed to support the weight of the vehicle and as such are commonly used with a coil carrier. A coil carrier is a coilover shock with no internal dampening features.
  • Smooth Body Shocks are designed as a premium upgrade for OEM shocks. Smooth body shocks are nearly identical to coilover shocks with the exception of the coil spring. Because smooth body shocks do not have a coil spring they are not able to support the weight of the vehicle. Smooth body shocks are generally used in conjunction with leaf springs or torsion bars. Smooth body shocks have the same internal piston and valving as coilovers and are made from the same premium materials offering outstanding longevity and resistance to harsh terrain.
  • Air Shocks are a lightweight alternative to coilover shocks. Air shocks look like smooth body shocks in that they are not designed to integrate a coil spring. Air shocks are able to support the weight of the vehicle using nitrogen pressure. Air shocks are designed for lightweight, slow speed, short distance, applications like rock crawling. Street vehicles and desert racing vehicles should use coilover shocks. The more the suspension cycles heat is generated which drastically impacts the effectiveness of the nitrogen in the shock. Air shocks can be ordered in a bypass configuration for adjustable dampening.
How much will I have to adjust my shocks once I put them on?

ADS suspension engineers have spent thousands of hours tuning the suspension on a wide variety of vehicles from all out race cars to cars with basic bolt on suspension. The result of these hours of tuning is ADS' ability to provide a suspension package that works well for the vehicle right out of the box. Because not all applications are alike some people will either need, or want, to disassemble their shocks and adjust the valving to suit their very specific needs. All ADS shocks can be disassembled by the user with basic hand tools. ADS sells replacement parts like valve shims and different weight shock oils to support customers in achieving exactly what they want in their shocks.

How long will it take for me to get a set of shocks once I place an order?

For most ADS products the standard lead time is ten business days from date of order placement to date of order shipment. Custom shocks and bypass shocks take up to six weeks due to machining, welding, and plating turnaround time.