New ADS Suspension Components for 2021-2024 Ford Bronco


New ADS Suspension Components for 2021-2024 Ford Bronco


Ford’s 2021 and newer Bronco is a terrific blend of retro-cool style and solid off-road prowess. But, like most mass-production vehicles, there are compromises in its design and construction. Although the Bronco can hold its own against rival stock OEM machines when it comes to off-roading, those who demand truly exceptional performance when they venture away from pavement will need to upgrade certain components.

For that mission, ADS Suspension has developed an all-new line of suspension solutions for the 2021-2024 Ford Bronco. These components take the already capable Bronco platform to a new level, allowing it to perform even better off-road. ADS's meticulously engineered kits balance aesthetics and performance, ensuring your Bronco is ready and fully equipped for any off-road challenge.

The cornerstone of these suspension kits lies in the use of 6061 billet aluminum. Renowned for its lightweight yet robust properties, this material ensures that your Bronco is ready to endure the harshest terrain. From Trophy Trucks to daily drivers, billet components have been shown to withstand the abuse of off roading.

“The quality of components and high-level quality control are the main advantages of our products over what’s currently available on the market for the Ford Bronco,” says Tyler Jameson of ADS Suspension. “Our tuning is specific to each platform, and a lot of time is spent dialing in each design to ensure the best product is brought to market. Off-road enthusiasts are always after maximum performance. And being enthusiasts at ADS Suspension, we know exactly what they’re looking for.”

One ADS Suspension component that really wakes up the Bronco’s capabilities is the Front Upper Control Arm Kit (PN: 530ADS). It addresses two critical aspects of suspension modifications – camber and caster correction. With the ability to accommodate lifts of up to 4 inches, the Billet Front Upper Control Arm Kit provides the necessary adjustments for optimal performance. The machined acetal copolymer bushings offer superior deflection resistance compared to stock rubber, enhancing the precision of your Bronco’s handling.

The 1.250-inch uniball ensures greater strength and articulation angle, surpassing the limitations of stock ball joints. The entire assembly is constructed from 6061 billet aluminum, adding durability without compromising on weight.

“The billet upper control arm for the Bronco is the first step for increasing off-road performance,” says Jameson. “It helps maximize wheel travel, which aids in more traction while off-road. There is also unique tuning that aids in stability, giving the driver more control.”

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ADS’s Rear Lower Control Arm Kit (PN: 531ADS) is crafted from the same 6061 billet aluminum as the Upper Control Arm Kit, and it boasts high durometer poly bushings that minimize deflection and enhance overall stability. The .375-inch thick machined acetal copolymer rock sliders act as a sacrificial barrier, protecting the lower arm from potential damage. Also included is a unique adjustable-length feature that accommodates larger lifts, providing flexibility for various off-road configurations. The inclusion of 1.250-inch Heim joints further reinforces strength and articulation.

The Rear Upper Control Arm Kit (PN: 532ADS) shares the same high-quality construction and features. Under extreme off-roading, the rear of the vehicle sees more stress and abuse than most owners consider. But the adjustable length capability and the use of 1.250-inch Heim joints ensure that your Bronco can easily handle a wide array of different terrain types. The durable black anodized finish with laser-engraved logos adds a touch of sophistication to the robust design.

Another crucial component for lifted applications, and one that’s too often overlooked, is a Panhard bar. A Panhard bar stabilizes the rear axle of a vehicle, allowing the rear wheels to move up and down, but not laterally (left to right). ADS’s Adjustable Panhard Bar (PN: 509ADS) for the Ford Bronco is constructed from .250-inch wall, 1.250-inch OD steel tube. The premium Heim joint provides extensive adjustability, allowing for precise tuning in lifted configurations.

The Panhard bar includes machined acetal copolymer bushings to reduce deflection, for improved road manners and enhanced durability. The Panhard bar is designed to allow extra clearance for aftermarket differential covers, and it has a black powder-coat finish that ensures maximum protection against the elements.

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There’s a limited amount of adjustability built into factory parts, and when a vehicle is lifted, steering components are typically pushed to their max. Naturally, when you lift a vehicle, the toe gets kicked in. To correct this, the tie rods are adjusted and threaded apart to bring the toe back out.

Most of the time the desired toe can’t be achieved from the factory tie rods and longer tie rods are needed. To address this, ADS Suspension has designed the ideal solution. The company’s Half Length Tie Rod End Link Kit (PN: 510ADS) is made from CNC-machined 6061 aluminum hex stock and 17-4 heat-treated stainless steel, ensuring corrosion resistance and longevity. The built-in zinc-coated steel sleeve in the jam nut reinforces the factory tie rod’s weak point. The black anodized finish with a laser-engraved logo adds a stylish touch to the functional design.

Manufacturers like Ford do their homework when it comes to suspension geometry. Sway Bars can have mixed reviews off-road, but the top-performing off-road vehicles have them. They help ensure proper suspension geometry. ADS Suspension’s Adjustable Heavy Duty Sway Bar End Link Kit (PN: 516ADS) brings the ADS advantage to the Bronco’s sway bars. The kit’s CNC-machined 6061 billet aluminum main shaft and clevis, coupled with PTFE-lined/steel double adjustable Heim joints, ensure superior performance. The kit retains the electronic sway bar disconnect if your Bronco is equipped, maintaining the vehicle’s technological advancements.

Complementing all of these components are ADS Suspension’s coilover kits. They’re specifically designed to work with the company’s Billet Aluminum Suspension Kits to give you maximum off-road capability.

ADS Suspension’s Billet Aluminum Suspension Kits for the 2021 to 2024 Ford Bronco redefine the off-road experience. By seamlessly combining the strength of 6061 billet aluminum, innovative design, and meticulous craftsmanship, these kits offer the perfect synthesis of form and function.

Take control of any terrain in your Bronco and experience the ADS advantage with these new engineered suspension solutions. For more information, contact ADS Suspension tech sales and service at (520) 748-0005 – the road less traveled has never been more inviting!

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