ADS Product Support

No matter how hard we try, nothing lasts forever.
If you have an ADS product that needs to be serviced you can either send it back to us or you can order the parts and do it at home.
ADS shocks can be completely rebuilt, revalved, and refurbuished right in your garage. If you need replacement fluid all the way to needing a new shock shaft, ADS has replacement parts.
Shocks parts
Shock Oil After time shock oil can break down becuase of the heat generated by the shock movement. Once the oil breaks down the dampening characteristics of the shock will start to change resulting in inconsitent feel and response. Changing the shock oil will help return your shocks to like new performance. ADS shock oil is available in standard and full synthetic.
Seal Kits
All shocks use rubber seals to keep the fluid from seeping out of the shock body. The type of rubber depends on the style of shock. Like any other wear item rubber can get worn and brittle over time. When the rubber starts to weak the shock can start to seep oil and that's not a good thing. ADS seal kits contain replacements for every seal in the shock including wiper seals. If you shock is starting to show signs of a leak it'd be a good idea to replace the seals. Seal kits can be purchased for any diameter shock that ADS manufactures. The two most popular sizes are 2.125" and 2.5". ADS 2.125 Seal Kit ADS 2.5 Seal Kit.
Shim Kits
Did you change the weight of your vehicle or are you changing your driving style? If so, you'll need to revalve your shocks. ADS sells complete shim kits, assembled compression and rebound shims, for your ADS shocks. Shims can be purchased individually or in a complete kit. If you are want to fine tune your ADS shocks give one of our experienced shock tuners a call and they would be happy to put together a shim kit designed specifically for your needs. ADS keeps most shims in stock so shim kits will generally ship within 24 hours of placing your order. ADS Shim Kit