Authorized Distributors

You, the customer, are the most valuable asset to ADS. We strive to make your experience with ADS the best it can be.

ADS does sell to the public but we strongly recommend working with a local distributor if you have one in your area.
Your local off-road shop is wealth of information and can support you in more ways than just selling you parts.
Off road shops are usually run by off-road enthusiasts who have been part of the sport for years.
These people can do more than just sell you parts, they can help you put together a package with the right parts for what you want to do with your vehicle.

We are always willing to share information and support you in any way, but we cannot be there which is where your local off-road shop can really add value.
If you don't have a distributor in your area ask your local off-road shop to Contact us as we are always open to bringing on new dealers.

ADS is a supporter of the off-roading community. Join us in supporting local off-road shops.

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